Panel Discussion: What Really Happened to the San Luis Rey Area Indians after the Arrival of the Franciscans at the Old Mission San Luis Rey– From 1767 to 1875?

September 18, 2015  7:15 pm to 9:00 pm

Friday, September 18, 2015. The Old Mission San Luis Rey Historic Foundation will present a panel entitled “What really happened to the San Luis Rey area Indians after the arrival of the Franciscans at the Old Mission San Luis Rey– From 1767 to 1875?” (7:15-9:00 PM, at SDSU, Arts & Letters 101) discussing the San Luis Rey Mission and the Indians that lived and worked there.

Three panelists including Jim Downs, the author of the book, The Real World of Mission San Luis Rey, Iris Engstrand, the editor of the book and author of over 20 historical titles, and Richard Carrico SDSU Department of American Indian Studies lecturer, will explore the wide variety of views on Father Serra, the Franciscans, and the plight of the Luiseno and Kumeyaay Indians.  Points of discussion will include questions such as: Were the Indians better off with or without the Franciscans? Were the Indians and their cultures doomed with the arrival of Europeans?  How successful was secularization in freeing the Indians from the control of the missionaries?  How did Mission San Luis Rey compare with other California missions?  What evidence is there that the local tribes were not just hapless victims or passive participants but rather agents of change and culturally persistent?

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